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Alice FiancetPicking a university can be daunting and it’s a very big decision to have to make. With so many universities out there, it can be tough to pick the one where you want to spend 3 (or maybe 4) years of your life. So I’ve come up with a list that should make it a little easier to pick the best from the bunch.



1. Placement option
Try and pick a uni that allows you the option to take a year out to do a placement. Working within the real world environment is invaluable experience and it looks so good on your CV. Sometimes it can even lead to a job after you finish your degree.

2. Qualification
Pick a uni that offers the right qualification for you.

3. Accreditation
Look out for unis that are accredited by bodies within the industry you are hoping to work in. If a course is accredited by a company/body from that profession it usually means that the course is one worth taking.

4. Location, Location, Location
Always go for a uni that is in an ideal location. If you are someone who loves being active all year round, try and find a uni that offers different types of activities to do and maybe get into a new sport. Or, if you are more into nature, look for a uni that has beautiful views in its surrounding area.

5. Nightlife
It wouldn’t be the student experience if you picked a uni where the town centre wasn’t buzzing pretty much all the time. Research what the town is like and have a look on student forums to find out where the best places to go are, that way you will never be disappointed if you decide you want to have a BNO (big night out).

6. Distance
If I was you, I would try and pick a uni that offers a little distance between you and your hometown simply because the independence and experience you will get will be second to none. I know from experience that moving far from home was the best decision I ever made because I have learnt that I am capable of looking after myself and don’t always need my mum to check I’m okay.

7. Home
My final piece of advice is this: pick somewhere that you are going to be happy to call home for the next few years, because that’s ultimately what it’s going to be.
Those are my tips for picking a uni, don’t be scared to venture a little further than you feel comfortable with, because for all you know you could end up making the best decision of your life.

By Alice Fiancet

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