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BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

Alice FiancetWhen I started out at uni, the thought of being in final year seemed really distant and like I didn’t need to think about it, but (not meaning to scare you) it comes around a lot quicker than you think.

Whether you are doing a simple three year course or have the option to do a placement year (which I highly advise as it is the best way to gain real life experience), appreciate every little moment and thing that happens while in your first and second year, because as soon as your last one rolls around, you’ll be wishing you could start it all over again.

As I am a BAMMJ (multimedia journalism acronym) student, I am fortunate enough (as are other courses) to not have to worry about passing any exams in my final year (sorry law students, I know you have to). That being said, don’t think I’m not as stressed and fearful about what’s to come as those who have to suffer exams. You will notice when you make it to the final year that the library becomes a lot more like home and less frightening. Coffee will be a great motivation for getting up and getting work done and nights out will be a great stress relief and relaxation technique (as will movie nights and tea) that you will adopt willingly.


Everyone will tell you the same thing once you become a final year student – don’t leave everything until the last minute – and this is probably the best advice I could give you, because one thing is true, you don’t want to leave things until the end and then be stressing yourself out and doing all-nighters. So if you can get into the habit of being organised as soon as you start first year, by the time you are in your final year it will be as natural as waking up in the mornings (even though this can be a struggle at times).

The real world seems distant, but it definitely isn’t and if I could go back and do the uni experience all over again I would in a heartbeat. BU is home and for many of us, we build and make the strongest friendships while studying here. When you reach this stage in life where the next big decision you have to make is a job prospect, BU is there to help and guide you through it. With a great careers website and help and support for whatever worry you have, don’t be scared about having to leave uni once you’re done, because coming to Bournemouth will make you well equipped for the future.

By Alice Fiancet

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