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BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

Many people think that a big building with five floors filled top-to-bottom with books, journals and articles would be intimidating. When I first started at uni, I didn’t even know where the library was. In fact, I didn’t even go in there for the first term, but once I stepped foot inside, I never looked back.

The library has many facilities which can help with your studies. There are different things that you can book out including computers, booths, books, DVDs and CDs.

The best place to go if you are working on group presentations or group projects, it is possible to book out a technobooth on either the ground or first floor which allows you to use a large screen to show your presentation and work as a group without having to crowd around one computer. Technobooths also have a lot more space than the little tables, so if a group of you go down and see a free one, grab it, they are hard to come by.

If you’re working on a solo project or essay but don’t want to bring your laptop into uni, you can book out a computer on any floor. If you don’t book one out but get in early, you could be lucky and get a computer. Please do not worry about running out of paper in the printers in the library either as there are colour and monochrome printing zones on every floor. For those of you who prefer to work in silence, there are silent study areas on grounds 2, 3 and 4.

Weekends are the best time to go if you don’t want to be distracted by people watching (is that just me?). It is usually pretty much empty and you are guaranteed to find a table, or like me and my friends, we have our spot which is easier to get when no one is around.

When it comes to the librarians, they are full of help and resources. They can help you to source an article or find a book and talk you through the booking out process too. They also offer study skills sessions which you can book online. These include workshops on referencing, how to find books, revision techniques and presentation skills.

I can’t go a day without a cheeky coffee and a slice of cake, so the Starbucks in the library is my heaven. It’s perfect for your daily (or hourly) dose of caffeine.

By the time you reach your final year you will know the ins and outs of the library, including the best times of day to go.library-filter

By Alice Fiancet

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