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Alice FiancetBournemouth is filled with restaurants and bars and such, where you can go for a lovely evening meal with your new housemates (great way to get to know each other) or somewhere to take the rents when they make an appearance (hopefully not on a day where you are extremely hungover).

Here are my top places to eat out in Bournemouth.



For those of you who love a little spicy Mexican this will be right up your street. From the burritos to the nachos there isn’t anything that isn’t delicious. It is located in the centre of town, so it’s a great place to go and get a bit of grub if you’re planning to go out at all. Also you won’t find another restaurant that lets you draw pictures on your placemat and potentially get it up on the wall.

The Slug and Lettuce

Slug-and-LettuceNow from the name you are probably thinking this is a vegetarian restaurant, but it isn’t. I would put it down as a slightly more sophisticated version of the Wetherspoons (which by the way, does a great hangover breakfast). With 2 for 1 cocktails, you can get the gang together, get a couple of pitchers, split the price and have a good night out for all of £30 max.

La Strada

If you happen to have a little bit more money (or want to take someone out on an exceptional date) then La Strada is the place to go. Its Italian cuisine (and Italian waiters) makes you feel like you’ve travelled across the channel and ended up in Venice (minus the water). It is a little more on the pricey side but if you are being taken out by your parents and want them to see that you are grown up and sophisticated this is just the place.

Turtle Bay

Having only opened recently in Bournemouth, Turtle Bay has Caribbean food down to a T. It is located just under the new Citrus building which is a short walk from Chesil House so it is a perfect location for those of you who are new to the town. They also have an excellent array of cocktails that you should definitely try.

Now, you also have your selection of chain restaurants including Wagamama, Pizza Express, Ask, Pizza Hut and Chimichanga, but Bournemouth also has a lot of independent restaurants that are worth trying.

And for those of you who like a takeaway pizza but think Domino’s is a little too expensive, Centro Pizza in Bournemouth does a cracking 12 inch pizza for £10 and offers a lot of deals too.

By Alice Fiancet

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