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Garrett Bucklin, USA, Master of Business Administration

Hi, my name is Garrett Bucklin, I am currently attending Bournemouth University. BU is a global and rather diverse university. This enhances your university experience and you get to meet all sorts of new people. What comes with this, is that the application process can become a bit tricky. When I was first applying to Bournemouth University I did hit some bumps along the road. The application process gave me some trouble because some of the requirements did not match up with what I was given through the education system in the US. The upside was that when I looked for help I could always find it. I sent out emails, and was pleasantly surprised with the promptness and helpfulness that the replies were returned with. They also recommended that I use the live chat for any possible future problems.


The next feat to tackle was the visa. Visas are always something that people have some trouble dealing with. As soon as I saw what needed to be done, I went to the live chats to make sure I was on the right track. Just as the email had said these chats were nearly always available and were nothing but helpful. They were able to take me step by step through exactly what I needed. In no time I was prepared and ready to make the journey. I actually enjoyed talking with these people online, something that would usually be stressful or tedious turned out to be fun and certainly worthwhile.

I would whole heartedly recommend to those of you looking at Bournemouth to use the live chats. They take the pressure off you and leave you able to focus on things you want to do. These systems are set up for each one of you out there, noone expects you to do everything on your own, they are there to help. This says a lot about how things are run here at Bournemouth. They never stop amazing me by always going above and beyond

what is expected. I am truly thankful for all they have done for me and am looking forward to what’s next on the agenda.

Garrett Bucklin, USA, Masters of Business Administration