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Patrycja Poczkai, Poland

My name is Patrycja, I am from Poland and I am studying computer animation art and design. I love my course. In this blog I want to tell you how and why I chose Bournemouth University.

From fine arts to animation

I went through clearing and applied last minute for this University.  A few months ago I didn’t even know anything about its existence, but it wouldn’t be entirely true to say that it was a decision made without any consideration.

I prepared for years to study fine arts in Poland, but in my final year of high school everything changed. I started thinking that I’d rather like to do something that connected art with science and maths.  Whilst looking into this I discovered the process of creating computer animation and became so interested in it that I decided to study it.

I decided to take a gap year so I could work whilst choosing the perfect university for me and used the time to prepare an amazing portfolio.

 How Bournemouth met my expectations

In order to choose my perfect university I created a list of things that I wanted.  For instance I wanted it to include life drawing classes and to be delivered in a language I could speak and study in confidently. I also wanted the university to not be too far from my home.

I initially checked the international rankings. Bournemouth University was one of the first universities I looked at and it was very high in the rankings with a nice modern and well equipped campus. I immediately fell in love with the course description and additional things that the university had to offer such as the library with all the animation books and films you could dream of, the opportunity to learn new languages or volunteer as well as help when finding a part time job. There were also amazing clubs, societies and sport teams.

I liked the location of the university as it was not too far from London and it is not far from Cornwall which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.  It’s also not too big and is very safe with lovely beaches plus it’s only 3 hours by plane from where I live.

BU also has a huge international community so I knew I would be able to make new friends from around the world.

A crazy but good decision

Bournemouth University seemed to fulfil all my expectations, so I checked the requirements.  It was August and I thought it might be too late to apply. I was not prepared and didn’t believe that I would get an offer anyway.  I called to get some more information and after five minutes I went through clearing and a month later I was sitting on a plane to the UK.   Although that sounds a little bit crazy it was definitely a good decision.

Patrycja Poczkai, Poland, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design

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