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When beginning to think about that dream house you want for second year there are many things to take into account including the people you want to live with, the location (Winton is ideal) and how much you want to spend.

Me outside my house in Winton!

I started looking for my second year house in January and there was still many nice options available (big up Maxwell Road). SO BIGGEST ADVICE – don’t rush. You could live in Lansdowne, Charminster, Winton or Springbourne and you are guaranteed to find something!

After the whirlwind of freshers is over and you’ve slightly recovered from all the constant hangovers, start thinking about who you want to live with in ideally November/Christmas time (make sure you pick the right housemates as you’re with them for a year!). The bigger the group, the earlier you want to start looking as the big houses that are available will go quickly!!

It’s best not to leave things too last minute, because trust me from experience you will get left with a house that isn’t your favourite and someone will have to take one for the team and live in that box room!

But don’t fret if you do leave it till the summertime or circumstances change, rooms will become available. There are multiple Facebook groups to help people in these situations. The university have a new scheme this year as well where you can rebook and live in halls. This is a great option if your not too keen on change and you can book either in a group (and share a flat) or as an individual.

Lastly, if you know any 2nd or 3rd years ask them where they lived and what estate agents they went with as some good advice always helps! You never know they might have a nice house ready to go on the market, waiting to be yours.

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