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Lara Barusso, Italy

A year ago I had to decide which uni I wanted to study at in the UK. It was a very difficult decision as they all looked so good to me! So why did I chose BU above all others? Well, I’m very passionate about animation and BU is one of the most famous universities in Europe for computer animation. Many Bournemouth graduates get to work on top famous movies all around the world. These were a couple of reasons that BU was such a good choice for me but not the only reasons that I considered.  Their excellent reputation in the world of animation offers you many more opportunities to gain a good job in the industry once you graduate.

State of the art resources and equipment

The units delivered and the way they are taught were also really appealing to me and I really loved the student work that I had seen, this was very different from other universities I had looked at. As well as the quality of work the resources and equipment were also amazing I was shocked with what was on offer for students to rent, I also really loved the labs at the Uni and still do.

Affordable accommodation and excellent support

Another thing I found very useful was the fact that BU offer relatively cheap accommodation which is on campus. I prefer to work in the evenings at the university until late and then I don’t have the problem of having to come back home in the dark as I am literally next door!

The other advantages of being on campus are the variety of opportunities available to students such as free language lessons and lots of different societies you can join as a student at BU. As a dyslexic student I found that there was also a lot of help available from student support and this  has helped me a great deal in various aspects of my work whilst I have been studying here.

One last thing I would like to mention is that on the open day I attended I felt that BU was very international and open minded. Knowing there were a lot of people from my country at the university and quite a few on my course was really reassuring.

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