#StayAtHome – A student prospective

This is not an easy time, but as an animation student work doesn’t stop, there still are online lessons, deadlines to meet and internships to get into. So, let me tell you how we have continued to work from home, dealing with the new situation and staying motivated. I’ll give you a little insight into… Read more »

Animation shot from short film

BFX Festival – boost your animation career with BU

There are many reasons that the computer animation degree here at Bournemouth University are so popular. However today I wanted to talk to you about one thing in particular that surprised me when I joined my course, the amazing BFX festival.  It was such an amazing experience and gave me a great insight into the… Read more »

Practice makes perfect: The payoff of challenging projects

I’m Lara Barusso from Italy and I’m studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design at Bournemouth University. I want to tell you about my favourite project during my first year of my course. The project The project I loved the most was one of the first ones I did during my very first semester…. Read more »

Where do banks go on holiday? Observations from an Italian in the UK

Hi! I’m Lara Barusso, an Italian BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art Design course student at Bournemouth University. Here are a few of the interesting things I’ve experienced in the UK since moving here. In the year I have been in Bournemouth, I’ve noticed plenty of British strangeness! Something I was very surprised by at the… Read more »

An Italian in Bournemouth

I’m Lara Barusso, a BA Computer Animation Art & Design student from Italy. Surprisingly, there are many Italians in Bournemouth; I’ve even found them in my same course, and in the years above me. I have met lots of Italians outside of class and outside of uni, although most of them came here to study,… Read more »

Top student shopping tips!

I’m Lara Barusso, a BA Computer Animation Art and Design student from Italy, and I have some top student shopping tips to share with you all! As a student, I definitely don’t have much money, so I try my best to save what I can, and during my time here I have found a few… Read more »

A taste of Italy in Bournemouth

At first, I was concerned how I would survive here! On my first trips to the supermarket, I was lost. I couldn’t find anything I was used to. However, I realised that if you look carefully, you can actually find food that can help you reproduce your favourite Italian dishes. The interesting thing I found… Read more »

The positive impacts of yoga at SportBU

I’m Lara, a computer animation student from Italy. This time I want to introduce you to my weekly yoga experience here at BU. I highly recommend yoga; it has been really useful in getting me through my first year and helped me a lot. I have seen improvements in my daily life, and it’s also… Read more »

Academic support tailored to your needs

BU academic support I’m Lara from Italy, studying Computer Animation Art and Design and I’m dyslexic. This is why I’m going to talk about my experience with the academic support at Bournemouth University and how this helped me to get through my first semester. When I first arrived at BU, I was amazed by the… Read more »

Working in Bournemouth as an EU student

I’m Lara from Italy, studying Computer Animation Art and Design. I would like to give you an insight into my work experience in the UK as an EU student. A couple of things before I jump in To find a job in Bournemouth is easy, but you need to be willing to work long hours… Read more »

Studying in the UK as opposed to Italy

I’m Lara, a computer animation student from Italy. I want to share the differences I found between studying in Italy compared to here in England. Practical lessons In Italy whenever we had to do practical things we always had lessons about how to do it, but rarely had hands on experience.  Here we have practical… Read more »

What you get when you choose an NCCA course

I’m Lara Barusso from Italy, currently studying Computer Animation Art and Design and this time i want to introduce you to what is available for every animation or visual effects student here. As an animation student you will have all you need and more for your course. On campus facilities First of all, you will… Read more »