Small changes in you, big changes out there!

Are you into volunteering or would like to start? Diana from Italy wanted to continue to volunteer when she moved to Bournemouth to study. She found out various ways to do and share her finding with you on this vlog. By Diana Pelino, Italy, BA (Hons) Computer Animation and Design, 2017/18  

Personal Support at BU

You are not alone when starting you journey with BU. Diana from Italy explains how the university helps student to get used to uni life and gives some information about the Medical Centre, the Music Studios, the Arts & Craft group and the Global Café. By Diana Pelino, Italy, BA (Hons) Computer Animation and Design,… Read more »

Planning for part-time work in Bournemouth

Diana is from Italy and is currently studying at BU. Based on her experience, she advises future students to first get used to uni routine and get organised, before starting a part-time job. She also explains the basic requirements to work in the UK and the types of part-time jobs available to students. By Diana… Read more »