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Hey guys! it’s me…with a tips blog… again! If you enjoy my last 2 blogs I hope you will like this too, this time I want to write a blog to myself!

I’m on the NCCA Art and Design course doing my 3rd and final year and, as this year is coming to an end soon, I have found myself thinking what advice would I give to myself if I could go back in time and start all over again!

Now that I have to leave uni, and move on to a new chapter of my life, it feels kinda scary.  It’s not certain like uni was, and there will be more and more responsibilities and fewer chances to fail, so I would definitely tell myself to not be afraid of experimenting, testing and failing because uni is a safe place.  I will learn much more this way.

Some cool places on the Jurassic Coast


Some of the trips available with SUBU

University’s very different from any high school experience, at least it was for me! It can be hard to adjust, but the important thing is to find your right balance between study and free time. It might not be very easy at first but my best advice is to try to find your learning style before starting, find out techniques and methodologies that will make study easier for you.  It helps to find a balance, so you won’t miss out on any great event and you will enjoy this time more, maybe you will enjoy studying too!

And this takes me to the next one, don’t miss out on opportunities and events! There are lots and they are all great, you won’t be able to go to each of them, so select the best one for you and enjoy them! SUBU organises nice trips, I wish I did go to some of them, so I would definitely encourage myself to take part, it’s a great opportunity to make friends and visit interesting place in UK. (Some of them are not so easy to reach on your own, so go if you have the chance while you will be at uni)

This reminds me, that coming from Italy I did not know anyone at all there, I was very scared that I wouldn’t make any friends, I would like to tell myself not to be scared, there are so many different people from so many different countries that you will make lots of friends, going to events and not be afraid to join societies will also help a lot!

I would tell myself to join more societies, I remember seeing many so many interesting ones but in the end I only joined 2.

I would recommend myself to start language at BU sooner, it’s was so cool to be able to learn a language for free while you are studying and is just for 1\2h a week, it’s so worth it!

I also would like to tell myself to be more relaxed and less shy, enjoy the time there, taking breaks from study to experience the life in UK. I would tell myself to get familiar with mindfulness before uni so I could build a good understanding to help me deal with the legitimate stress during the exams period.

BU student ambassador experience

I would tell myself to take the opportunity to get to know my first year housemates better, it could have made my first house-sharing experience nicer! (About that, I would suggest also to start searching for a new house earlier in October\November to find better deals 😉

Last but not least, if you have an opportunity to work as an ambassador take it, it’s so much fun and gives you the chance to build lots of valuable skills! Take up any opportunity given, don’t worry that you may not be good enough, they can be some of your best experiences!

Besides those tips, my experience at BU has been great, I’m very grateful for all I have learnt, all the friends I have made and all the things I did so far! I’m very sad to leave, but I leave this university as a different and better person with great knowledge, confidence and ready to get into the industries and find my way to success.


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