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BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design

I’m Lara, a computer animation student from Italy. This time I want to introduce you to my weekly yoga experience here at BU. I highly recommend yoga; it has been really useful in getting me through my first year and helped me a lot. I have seen improvements in my daily life, and it’s also had a positive impact on my mood.

Yoga with the society

The first society I joined at BU was the Yoga Club. I had never done yoga before, but I’d always wanted to try, so I thought that this would be a great occasion to give it a go. I had a first free lesson and I did really enjoy it, that I decide to buy the membership for all year. This is around £20 for the year, and you get 1-hour lessons on Friday afternoons. If you really enjoy it, you can also get an extra session on Monday evenings for just £3 more a week. The class is chilled; it is comprised of mainly students and the sessions are never super crowded so there is always space for everyone. The class teacher on Fridays is very nice and she helps you a lot, and you can also ask for suggestions of books or videos to improve or look deeper into the practice of yoga. This also gives you a chance to learn what you need to do in order to try it for yourself at home.

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Classes for everyone

Anyone can join the class, and you don’t need to have any prior experience. I was an absolute beginner when I did my first lesson, but it wasn’t hard to learn. At the beginning of every lesson there is a quick introduction where the exercises aren’t too complicated so you don’t need to be super fit to do it. I really enjoy yoga, so much! Every Friday I have an hour of relaxation to dedicate to myself and get rid of the stress of the week. It’s always worked and made me feel better, and it improves my concentration and workflow.

Where and what is available

The lessons are normally held in Talbot Campus in a spacious room. It’s really easy to get there, so you can go straight away after lessons, or in between. In springtime, when the weather is nice, some of the lessons may be done by the beach which is a great way to relax, get some vitamin D and mix up your environment to allow you to breathe more. The club will give you mats, eye pillows, belts and yoga bricks to borrow for the lesson, so you just need some comfy clothes for the activity.

SportBU Yoga

If you enjoy it so much that 2 lessons aren’t enough, you can also go SportBU yoga lessons. These lessons are open to the public and they are more expensive, but they are still a great option if the Yoga Club sessions don’t fit your schedule. These lessons are held in the gym on Talbot Campus.

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