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BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design

Hi! I’m Lara Barusso, an Italian BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art Design course student at Bournemouth University. Here are a few of the interesting things I’ve experienced in the UK since moving here.

In the year I have been in Bournemouth, I’ve noticed plenty of British strangeness! Something I was very surprised by at the beginning is the fact that holidays revolve around banks? In Italy, all national holidays happen due to religious traditions or Italian anniversaries. However, in England they have bank holidays; days where the banks are closed. They have the same amount each year, but they fall on different dates every year.

Another interesting thing is the frequency or amounts that British people eat. Often they have a good breakfast, a small sandwich or small lunch, and then a big dinner very early in the evening. This was very peculiar to me as I normally eat a big lunch and then a small dinner late at night.

Something else that caught me by surprise was how multicultural Bournemouth is!  People from so many different countries all over the world come here and integrate so well with English people. It’s really fascinating to see people from all different cultures and lifestyles living together so well.

When I first arrived in England, I immediately noticed that people here are much more open-minded than Italians. If a person has coloured hair or extravagant clothes in Italy, it can be very hard. However, while I’ve been here I haven’t felt judged at all, especially in employment; I’ve never had a problem here like I had when I was in Italy. People in Bournemouth are far more tolerant.

Another little thing that surprised me is the fact that I had never considered England to be a tourist destination for summer holidays! I always thought of England as a place to go in Spring or Autumn to visit cities, but since being in Bournemouth I have discovered that there are some lovely beaches and places to go during summer for a relaxing vacation. This has really changed my perception of England. I was also always told that England is rainy and grey, so I found it fascinating when I got to Bournemouth and saw how beautifully colourful and sunny it can be!

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