What Wendy learnt during BFX Festival 2022

Wendy is a BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art & Design student and  attended the BFX Festival as a volunteer. She shares her experience of the festival and of studying in the National Centre for Computer Animation.  As a volunteer, I attended the speaker series and three masterclasses during the BFX festival. My knowledge and skills… Read more »

Anna’s BFX Festival Volunteer Experience

Second-year BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art & Design student, Anna Shellswell, volunteered her time during this year’s BFX Festival hosted by Bournemouth University. In this guest blog, she tells us all about her experiences. Day 1: I was so eager to volunteer at the BFX Festival that I supported some of the pre-event preparations. I… Read more »

First Term at BU and it’s contrast to Indian Education System

Having recently completed my first term as a Postgraduate Student at Bournemouth University, the difference between a Master’s course here and that in India is quite vast. While doing my undergraduate, I understood the fact that the Indian Educational System mostly favours the technically oriented students. This model is good in the fields of study… Read more »

First-ever “Student Masterclass” hosted by NCCA Animation Society

Animation Society plays an important part in the lives of all animation students at Bournemouth University. It acts as a link between social events for networking as well as learning the ways of the industry, while keeping the students updated on the latest technologies and practices. While walking on the same ideals, Animation Society organised… Read more »