How to nail your university interview: student’s advice

Quite often the interview you have for a University is the first proper interview you’ll have in your lifetime so it can be extremely nerve-wracking and scary! Fear not, most people are in the same position as you and it as equally terrified! Trust me when I say that the interviews are not something to… Read more »

Why Bournemouth is the best town for students…

We all think that whatever town our university is in, it is the best town for students but Bournemouth definitely is something special! When my friends visit from other universities, they comment on how great it is, so it’s not just my bias… here are a few reasons why:   The Beach. Bournemouth is situated… Read more »

How to make friends in your seminar group

So you’ve just arrived at uni, and you’re thrown into your first “proper” session of work, where it feels more like school in a classroom with uncomfortable chairs and a whiteboard at the head of the class. Around the room you are surrounded with unfamiliar faces and you have no idea where to sit, who… Read more »

Five things you can do to make going out as stress-free as possible

Although the whole purpose of a night out is to go out with your friends and have a good time, there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong and for it to end up being actually quite a stressful experience! Here are a few ways to make the night run as seamlessly as… Read more »

How to cope if you feel overwhelmed at university

The first few weeks at university are challenging at the best of times: you are placed in a new environment with people you don’t know, going places you’ve never been and doing things you’ve never done before; if you’re not nervous about any of it, you must be some sort of superhuman! Do not fret… Read more »