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One of the most important things to remember when struggling with mental well-being when studying at uni, is that you are not alone. Recent research suggests that almost a third of students will experience mental illness at some point during their course, and it is because of this high prevalence that means there are many different forms of support for those who need it.

Talbot House on Talbot Campus – Chaplaincy and Wellbeing

First and foremost is the Chaplaincy. Even if you are not a follower of a particular religion, the

Cheeky hot chocolate and a cookie if you’re lucky?

Chaplaincy is open to all students and staff as a safe space to relax and take time out. The Chaplain offers guidance, hospitality and care for all those who need it (with a cheeky biscuit and cuppa tea at the same time).  


Another option is the Student Wellbeing service, stationed at Talbot Campus. Here, they run regular workshops about coping with stress, chances to talk to a counselor or wellbeing advisor, as well as directing you to any further services you might need. There is no issue too small or irrelevant. It is often the small and particular things that can make the biggest impacts to your mental health.

BU Gym on Talbot Campus

Sport BU offers a good place to keep busy and take out any frustration you have on uni coursework if your workload is getting you down or you need to have a break from your housemates.


The truth is that mental illness is so unique to each individual that there is no set solution that cures all. At university, for me, the most important thing that I have used to cope with anxiety and stress, is knowing that I can talk to people and making sure to take time to look after myself. Having friends you feel you can talk to is important, as well as having a place you know you can relax (which is why making your uni accommodation homey and comfortable is helpful).


Struggling with mental illness shouldn’t stop you from having a  good time at university, being away from home and under certain pressures can become challenging, but there are so many ways that you can work through it. You are not alone, and trust me, you can do it!

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