Wellbeing and balance: it’s World Sleep Day!

Wellbeing can slip under the radar for all of us, especially for the average uni student where a normal sleep schedule and being balanced is ultimately the last thing on our minds. However, with the general stresses of uni – in my case, dissertation deadline looming – it is important to know how to balance… Read more » about Wellbeing and balance: it’s World Sleep Day!

De-stress with ReslifeBU

Throughout the year BU has loads of events and activities to help students de-stress. Back in January I was invited to document some of the activities that went on around exam time. If you like dogs, you’re in for a treat!

Ways to relax

So for those of you who have just started this September! Welcome. As term heats up and those assignments start rolling in, check out the ways I like to relax when things at uni get a little bit stressful.