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BA (Hons) Communication & Media

Sometimes I have such a hectic day and all I want to do when I open the door is fall straight onto my bed and go to sleep. But then, all I have are the terrible thoughts of the day going through my mind.

It’s ok to feel like this sometimes because not everyday can be a good day. However, if you’re feeling like this more frequently, talk to someone. Did you know you can book an appointment with SUBU to support you through this time? You’re never alone so please ask for help.

Here are a few ways that help me unwind, forget and move on with small every day stresses…


  • I watch some really engaging TV. Watching TV I can just turn off and look at my phone during is pointless as I’m not focused and my mind can still be focused on my worries. I like to watch something that makes you think, like a good detective series or a gameshow,  get some new thoughts flowing through the system.

Not much some sweet potato fries don’t fix!

  • Make myself a REALLY nice dinner. I’m guilty of being lazy when cooking for myself: literally most nights are either egg on toast or pasta. It can be really therapeutic, however, to put some time into making something really yummy just for me. I normally try to make a big batch then save the leftovers for something to look forward to another day! Check out these cooking tips here…
  • I listen to a podcasts. I’ve only recently been getting into podcasts and am loving them. Whether it’s a factual one I can learn from, or a funny one I can laugh to, they are great at giving you something to listen to and think about.


  • Chat to  friends. Whether it’s face to face at Dylan’s Bar or videochat or even just on the phone, get a rant out of your system and listen to someone else’s problems to help you put everything into perspective. #sharingiscaring


Any more tips? Lets share ideas so we can all be the best versions of ourselves! Let me know in the comments below…

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