My scholarship experience and how you could be eligible for one too!

Hiya, Achieving my scholarship was an experience I have been so grateful and proud of and so in today’s post I thought I’d tell you all about it and how you can get one too 🙂 Emily 🙂

Postgraduate scholarships – absolute game changers

Many of us are likely to feel the pinch when it comes to student living, so looking for ways to reduce the expense of university can be incredibly important to improve our financial security. This may be especially important at the postgraduate level; while the average taught Master’s in the UK costs ÂŁ7,392, tuition fees… Read more »

How A Scholarship Kickstarted My Uni Life

Financing your studies is probably one of the biggest worries I had when I was thinking about choosing a university. Will I be able to afford my course? What about my rent? Will I have something left for nights out? These questions haunted my mind when I got my offer to study here, at Bournemouth… Read more »

My scholarship story: Changing my life

  Hi guys! I’m Malvika Shahi and I’m doing my Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing at Bournemouth University. Studying abroad is a great opportunity for every student but the financial expenses can seem a bit daunting. Luckily, Bournemouth University awards loads of financial aid in the form of scholarships and discounts for students. For… Read more »

Scholarships as Saviours

Money is one of the important factors that influences the choice of a university. As an international student, pursuing my postgraduate degree in UK meant managing finance was a top priority. Tuition fee is a major expense when planning a higher education budget. While shortlisting universities to apply to, scholarships on offer were a major… Read more »

My Subject Achievement Scholarship (Business and Management)

Hi! My name’s Samantha and I’m a first year Events Management student at Bournemouth University. Why did you choose BU? I chose to study at Bournemouth because the university has many industry links within the events sector which is great for my course. The university also offers lots of opportunities for students in general to… Read more »

My Faculty of Management Executive Dean’s Scholarship

For students looking for higher education, some key factors come into play when choosing a university. Factors such as cost, geographical location, accreditation, academic quality are some common key considerations. For postgraduate students, especially international students, cost is a key factor when selecting a university. In the UK, the average cost of a postgraduate degree… Read more »

What the Academic Excellence Scholarship means to Jakub

This is a guest blog by current student Jakub Benek, studying BSc (Hons) Computing. When I initially applied to Bournemouth University, I hadn’t really looked  into the financial side of things too much. I know Universities have scholarships but many of them you apply for and I hadn’t looked or thought to do that. When… Read more »

The BU Music Scholarship enabled me to pursue my studies and my passion

This is guest blog by current student Ed Parker, studying BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing. As a youngster, I invested thousands of hours into developing my musical skills, and performed at a high level. When I made a career change and decided to go back to university to study nursing, I was concerned I would not have the time or… Read more »

What the Academic Scholarship meant for me

Once you have decided what subject you want to study, it can be tough choosing universities; especially if you have received multiple offers. While there are many considerations to be made, such as the quality of the university, the experience of staff, the location, etc. One of the biggest concerns will always be money. When… Read more »

What BU Scholarships mean to our students

Hear first-hand from some of our students what BU Scholarships have meant for them. BU Sport Scholarship BU was an easy choice for me. The first reason was because the placement opportunities that my course provided were better than the other 4 universities that wanted to recruit me but also Bournemouth was the central location for Beach Volleyball (as… Read more »

  My executive dean’s scholarship

There are a lot of factors that play an important role in choosing a university. For some it can be the course and others it can be the ranking of the university. For some students it’s the proximity to their home, while for others it is the fees. When I was making my choice for… Read more »