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This is a guest blog by Lucas Silva, BA (Hons) Business & Management student, talking about his BU Sport Scholarship for Powerlifting. 

I started powerlifting in October 2019 and I’ve trained consistently over the last 3 and a half years minus a slight hiatus in early 2020. Powerlifting became a crucial part of my life, meaning in most instances it takes priority over work, holidays, and social events. This could include carrying on prepping for a competition while abroad as it is such an ingrained part of my life. Powerlifting initially started for me as a fun hobby, but over the years it truly became something that I wanted to pursue and achieve excellence in, such as becoming a British Champion and representing the GB team internationally.

Lucas Silva getting into position to lift weights in a powerlifting competition

Lucas Silva getting into position to lift weights in a powerlifting competition

While researching universities at sixth form I saw on BU’s website that they offered a sports scholarship and I became intrigued. I applied during my first year and was not approved for the scholarship. This, however, did not demotivate me and I carried on training and reapplied the following year. In February 2023, I was granted a scholarship for BU powerlifting, which came at a crucial time for me as I was dealing with a serious back injury that stopped me from training effectively since December 2022.

During this time, with my scholarship, I have received support with sports massages and physiotherapy appointments to assist my recovery from injury, and I’m almost completely healed now. This was mainly from the help of BU physiotherapist Peter Bloomer who was extremely patient and professional in nursing me back to health. Other facilities and services such as Normatec and Inbody scales have also been very important in assisting my recovery and providing accurate insights for upcoming competitions.

Lucas Silva racking a barbell with weight

Lucas Silva racking a barbell with weight

In February, when I heard I’d been accepted into the BU Sport scholarship program, it re-ignited my passion for my sport as it provided a sense that all my work over the last few years had been recognised, thereby allowing me to take my training to a whole new level due to the further support I have now received. The BU sport scholarship has definitely reinforced my belief that I can become a high-level athlete in my sport.

My advice for new students looking to apply for the sport scholarship is to always try their best. If you feel that your progress has slowed in your sport or you have hit setbacks, just keep going and give your best and you will be rewarded.

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