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Hi, I am Hem Shah, enrolled in MSc in Management with Business Analytics at Bournemouth University. My experience so far has been very enriching, both academically and socially. Today, we will talk about various scholarships that is provided by Bournemouth University to help students in achieving their Higher Education goals.  

Importance of a scholarship to me

I completed my undergraduate studies back in my hometown in India. The next step on my path was to earn a graduate degree from a university that was renowned worldwide. After much research, I decided that the United Kingdom would be the most fitting place for me to pursue my graduate studies. Studying in the United Kingdom was a dream for me as I come from a middle-class family in India. Managing finances to be able to study in such a great place seemed quite far-fetched and challenging. When it comes to higher education budgeting, tuition is a major expense. Arranging for tuition fees was one of the biggest hurdles in the process of fulfilling my dream of studying in the United Kingdom. But that was only until I came across the generous scholarship programs offered here at Bournemouth University. I found a wide range of scholarships available for graduate as well as undergraduate studies. Scholarships are an excellent way for a university to acknowledge that your hard work and excellence are valuable to them. I finally felt like my dream of pursuing my graduate studies in the United Kingdom was achievable. This provided a significant boost to my morale as well.

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Process for applying

In my case specifically, as I applied for a graduate-level program, my undergraduate degree along with all the documents required for application automatically made me eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship. The Academic Excellence Scholarship is automatically granted to those with a minimum upper second-class Honors degree (2:1) from a reputable university. That equates to a 60-70 percentile in your final undergraduate grade, according to the Indian Education System. You can find more information regarding acceptable grades as per different countries in this PDF document. One can use the below mentioned formula to convert their CGPA into percentage: 

Percentage : CGPA * 9.5

Under Academic Excellence Scholarship program, I received a scholarship of  £3,500 which was a major help towards achieving my goals and dreams. My scholarship arrived approximately 10 days after I received my acceptance offer letter from the university. The scholarship amounted to a reduction in my overall course fee. Under this scholarship, all the international students can obtain a grant of up to £3,500 based on their final undergraduate grades. Moreover, there are various other scholarships as well like BU Music, and BU Sports Scholarships for students who are excellent in various forms of music and sports. Being eligible for such a huge sum of amount as a scholarship lifted my spirits and enabled me to realize my dream and I will always be grateful to Bournemouth University for that. 

All fees and scholarships factual as of May 5th 2022


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