How I funded my Master’s Degree

I find it very difficult to talk about money. Whether it’s a matter of pride, or wanting to remain independent, money can be a sticky subject to tackle. When I decided to embark on a Master’s degree I wasn’t 100% sure how it would be affordable. After weeks of searching online I found some possible… Read more » about How I funded my Master’s Degree

Funding Fears

Let’s face it, one of the major worries about taking on postgraduate study is often the prospect of opening your wallet to find cobwebs instead of cash. The expectation of this occurrence can drive many people away from looking into postgraduate study, but there are ways to overcome the spectre of the empty purse.  … Read more » about Funding Fears

Funding the leap

Making the leap to postgraduate study is a big one, and one which I definitely think is worthwhile taking, as I’ve said in my previous post [], but now you’ve made that decision, you’re going to have to start thinking about money. Postgraduate study is a costly investment, especially if you’re coming straight out of… Read more » about Funding the leap

Media School Introduce 3 new MA’s

The Media School is launching a new Master’s programme this September, MA Media and Communication.  This will be the first Master’s in the Media School to offer an optional extended industry placement. Students can spend 30 weeks working within the media or communications industry as part of their study.  The School’s placement office, with over… Read more » about Media School Introduce 3 new MA’s

Ten Top Tips to making the most out of your Open Day

Hi, I’m Dan and I work in the Digital Communications Team. Now that we know each other better I thought I’d give you ten (well, 12, actually) top tips to help you make the most out of the Open Days that we’re holding tomorrow and Saturday. Think about all the questions you have about coming… Read more » about Ten Top Tips to making the most out of your Open Day