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BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Policy

Ursula-AllamAs it sunk in that I was clear of Clearing and closer to moving to uni, accommodation seemed the next check-box to be ticked!

I was sure the chance of me getting into Halls of Residence was unlikely, yet I applied anyway, having gained high hopes from a confirmed place on my chosen course.

When it came to looking at the various halls, I knew without a doubt, that I was set on looking for convenience and not to mention wanting the full fresher experience. Even though going through Clearing meant my choices were slightly more limited, it also helped…Ursula-Lyme-Regis

Why? Being an indecisive person, having fewer options focused me completely on what was on offer and left a sure and final decision of Lyme Regis House!

Being minutes away from the town centre, Asda and the train station and only five minutes round the corner from the campus for Health and Social Sciences meant convenience at its best, even if I did have bed hair some mornings!

Saying that, all the halls seemed equally as great and they were all near to the beach, the town centre, the train station, Talbot Campus, Lansdowne Campus, restaurants and the Students’ Union.

Think about what you would like to be nearest to, along with thinking about whether you would like more of a peaceful or lively atmosphere; all helps in determining not only your student lifestyle, but your independence and overall university experience.


So in all, when choosing accommodation, it would generally be a good idea to think about what facilities you reckon you’ll make the most use of, what type of halls you think will suit you as a person (living with however many people!) and how much money it will leave you with to budget for those shopping sprees! Then eventually, you should soon start to feel at home.


By Ursula Allam

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