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Jessica-AlexanderThe time has come for you to choose your first year accommodation and like many, you have no idea where you want to stay.

Some of you may have flicked through pictures or watched YouTube clips on the university website and seen accommodation that catches your eye.

You may have spoken to people who are already at BU and they have persuaded you that one choice of accommodation is better than the others. However, when choosing accommodation, it is all about the right one for YOU!

You’ve probably heard that most first year students live in halls. BU offers six halls of residence, five of them situated around the Lansdowne area, close to the Lyme-Regis-1train station and Asda, but a 15 minute bus journey to the Talbot Campus. Close to the night life, the beach and town centre, these halls are perfect for those who want to experience the partying side of university life as well.

The other halls of residence, Corfe House, is located in Poole. Poole is a little further away from the university, but the surrounding area is quiet and suitable for those who want a little peace, away from the traditional lively, partying atmosphere. Students can also choose to live on campus, in the Student Village. Similar to halls, these small houses offer individual bedrooms, a shared kitchen and normally a shared bathroom, whereas halls will offer an en-suite and in Dorchester even a double bed!

Additionally, there is Unilet accommodation, usually provided by Bournemouth University themselves. Unilet is shared housing around the Lansdowne or Winton area. It may seem a little daunting at first, but it prepares you for second year, when you have to share a house with a group of people.  For further information on these halls and other accommodation, including prices, take a trip to the university website.


When choosing accommodation, you must take into consideration the location in which you would like to live. Do you want a lively atmosphere or a peaceful one? Do you want to be close to the university or close to the beach? Would you like your own privacy or do you want to share with other people to get a second year experience? Once you’ve answered these questions you can narrow down the accommodation that you wish to apply for. Remember, always have a backup, you may not get the accommodation you apply for, so don’t be too focussed on just one choice!


By Jessica Alexander

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