Pinewood Studios recruits BU graduates

Two postgraduate students used networking opportunities provided by their MA to open doors to their dream jobs. Now both working for Pinewood Studios Group, Jed Milton and Gianluca Romano met while studying for their Master’s in Sound Design for Film and Television last year. As students, the pair were invited to Short Sounds Film Festival… Read more »

Amber’s experience with SUBU as a Postgrad

As a postgraduate student with all the normal pressures that come with this, support from my students’ union is really important. Whether, like me, you continue on for postgraduate study at the same university or whether you start over at a new university, there will always be similar challenges to face. Before starting my postgraduate… Read more »

What’s next for me?

My best friend told me a long time ago that “uncertainty is the future’s guarantee” – and it’s true. It’s the middle of May, and I’m in my final term. I’m gearing up to start shooting my Master’s production project but at the back of my head, I worry about my career prospects. I’m not… Read more »