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MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

In the crowded job markets nowadays, employers tend to look for candidates that stand out and can be distinguished easily. The extra higher – level qualification would give you a competitive edge between other applicants to improve your financial prospects as well as investing in your own future showing your ability to commit to an intense period of time. Having a masters under your wing is a captivating experience with lots of weighed up character building chains. Make sure you check out BU postgraduate studies here.

Gaining a masters would require a lot of time consumption, a good amount of finance and can be emotionally draining at times for some people. You should know the ins and outs, so don’t rush into it and make sure you are up for the challenge. A masters is certainly tougher than the standard undergraduate degree as it is a more advanced and intense qualification involving great self-motivation.

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There are so many popular reasons to consider when talking about postgraduate courses to be able to choose carefully the right one for you. Studying a masters degree is a very exciting prospect, here is my insight to why I took on a Masters Degree.

Choosing the study mode

I chose to do my course full time as I wanted a new encounter to focus on and put all my efforts in studying again as I’ve had a few years break in the real working world since my undergrad. Considering your mode of study is important as some people may select the part time option to balance work and studying along with other commitments. This can also give you an option to spread out the cost and break up the intensity of the course you’ve choose to engage more in the individual modules. Distance Learning is another possibility that might be the best for some people making sure they are willing to put the effort and set the right amount of time to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Follow your interest 

A masters degree will expect you to conduct research independently to give your personal ideas an opportunity to be developed in much greater extent. Pursuing your interests in depth to view your focused topic of choice through various angles. At BU a guest speaker often comes to deliver a lecture which is always very inspiring to hear from where we also gain ambition from our own professional lecturers/tutors that bring us all the support needed. In addition to attending extra-curricular activities such as volunteering in the community, joining onsite events to grip in your subject and faculty as a whole. If in doubt, there is always time to communicate in a scheduled one to one supervisory meeting that can be highly beneficial to present your objectives.

Changing career fields

Career change can also be achieved by studying a masters degree in something away from your undergraduate studies in order to open up new horizons for yourself. I personally come from a medical science pharmacological background in my previous studies but have pursued to do MSc innovation management and entrepreneurship at BU to explore the business management world.

Developing Personal skills

Taking on a masters degree has been a Personal development for myself as it involves discipline – specific skills such as analytical referencing and critical thinking being able to collect, diagnose information, problem solve and make decisions. These well-earned efforts being put forward to complete studying will always stand to give a sense of accomplishment.


We are part of the best team where BU as a community will motivate you to achieve goals constantly while providing excellent study material and deliver it in the most established methods. Networking with fellow students, the academic circle and experts can be a simple way to get you in the door. Connecting with people on the same wavelength and learning from each other in the professional world could progress into collaborations or achieving a specific insider tip that would help you advance your knowledge.

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