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lina-abdulhalimMy best friend told me a long time ago that “uncertainty is the future’s guarantee” – and it’s true.

It’s the middle of May, and I’m in my final term. I’m gearing up to start shooting my Master’s production project but at the back of my head, I worry about my career prospects. I’m not as worried as I was before I started this programme though – I managed to have a career without a Bachelor’s Degree when I was back in Kuala Lumpur, and with this MA I’m fairly confident I’ll land a job.

Send your CV out quick

I was told never to wait until the last minute to start doing this. I have about 3 months of school left, give or take, and in all honesty, it’s probably a good time for me to start sending out my CV. Just because you won’t be called back immediately, doesn’t mean you’re off their radar completely. Speaking from experience, I’ve received calls for job offers from companies I’ve sent my CV to a year before. You’ll always be in their system.


Work Experience

Snap up any work experience you can. I stand by the saying “every little bit counts.” And this is no different. Ideally, it should be something related to the industry you’re going to go into, but organisational and social skills are equally as important.


Be bold. I’ve always been pretty bad when it comes to networking, because I am generally very shy (I’m not joking). I get nervous; worried I’ll say the wrong things. Lately I’ve been a little better at it. Coming to BU actually helped me with that. I’ve learned to speak better and become more approachable. So yeah, be bold, and be brave.


I am not going to sugar coat anything – the world is a terrifying place and it’s hard. And it won’t stop being hard but what you and I can do is just enjoy every ride, and take the little victories.

By Lina Abdul Halim