My 30-week placement at Hengistbury Head

Sijuade Yusuf is doing a 30-week placement at Hengistbury Head. Here’s a Q&A on her experience. Three words to describe your placement search: Full-on-research, devotion and doggedness What did you find the most helpful in your placement search?: Career Hub is indeed a great resource. All the help that is needed can be gotten on… Read more »

How BU encourages students to follow their career prospects

Hello everyone! I cannot tell you how BU has improved my career prospects! As I am studying MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology, my examples will be based on my course, but you can see what BU can offer in terms of placement opportunities. The first week of our classes, the professor came in to introduce herself,… Read more »

The importance of networking during your postgraduate studies

Networking has become an integral contributor to success in career and business. It is even more critical for postgraduate students who are not just building on their careers but also seeking opportunities to advance their experience and expertise. So, just how is networking important during your postgraduate studies? Open doors to employment opportunities As a… Read more »

How BU has left a long lasting impact on my life

Bournemouth University has left a long lasting impact to my life. I studied MSc in Tourism Management & Marketing course and graduated in 2010. After graduation I returned to Vietnam and I am currently working as  a Lecturer in tourism marketing at Hong Bang International University. I am also the co-founder of and a partner in other projects, including… Read more »

The Postgraduate Development Award

The Postgraduate Development Award (or PGDA) is a great way to both enhance your experience at BU and make steps to improve your employability when you finish studying. The Award provides opportunities to build skills in four key areas (listed below) and to record your activities and achievements in an online portfolio. For me, there… Read more »