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Iga Stefanska is a final year BSc (Hons) Nutrition student who took part in the BU Graduate Skills Programme, which is something we offer here at the university to all students and is designed to help prepare students for the world of work.

It offers a range of extracurricular experiences, and students have the opportunity to network with employers and gain additional skills that they can use once they are in employment.

Iga receiving her award at the Graduate Skills programme ceremony

Iga receiving her award at the Graduate Skills programme ceremony

In her guest blog, Iga talks about her experiences and how it’s helped her gain that first graduate role.

I had the privilege to take part in The BU Graduate Skills Programme during my final year at BU. The programme is free and available to all current BU students.

It gave me a systematic approach to my career development and boosted my confidence in my professional and personal skills. The programme has opened so many opportunities that I would not have taken it if I was not part of it.

These powerful skill sets successfully enabled me to secure my current graduate job position. It has also positively impacted my communications skills which were meaningful while being a Student Rep.

The Graduate Skills Masterclasses, which are held regularly throughout the academic year, are a key component of the Graduate Skills Programme. These masterclasses had a significant effect on my career development and aided in developing a profound knowledge of several industry sectors.

The CareersBU team, BU professors, and predominant industry administrators co-delivered these masterclasses, hence I could acquire a wealth of skills that employers are seeking in today’s graduates. By attending a Graduate Skills Masterclasses, I could develop a range of transferable skills, including critical thinking, communication, and decision-making that increased my self-awareness and confidence at the current job in addition to degree-specific knowledge. For instance, I have now the ability and confidence to manage all operational processes during food production trials in order to ensure the food quality and safety of the products.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and I would strongly encourage you all to take part in this programme. Do not hesitate to apply for the Graduate Skills +Award. You can easily access your Graduate Skills tab on the Brightspace throughout your time at BU. With a multitude of online learning resources and masterclasses to complete, you can boost your abilities and get you ready for the employment. You can upload evidence of your attendance and online extracurricular activities and receive your Graduate Skills+ Award that may enrich your career and increase a chance of securing your future job!

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