Teaching and learning

Anyone can teach. Part 2- Caring!

Welcome back to part 2 of this teaching tips series! In part 1, you found out that anyone can teach! https://microsites.bournemouth.ac.uk/flie/2018/06/05/1-anyone-can-teach/ ‎ Now let’s start to unpick the very foundations of what actually makes a good teacher, bit by bit?   I asked my colleagues for their top teaching tips. Several of their comments related… Read more »

What to do about Bloom’s 2 sigma problem?

Benjamin Bloom reported a research result about educational effectiveness in the journal ‘Education researcher’ (1984). Bloom was looking at the performance of students and comparing conventional group tuition with mastery learning tuition and also with one to one tuition. The results broadly showed how mastery learning techniques improved the average performance by 1 standard deviation… Read more »