AI Literacy resources for BU Staff

‘In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, generative AI is emerging as a transformative tool, offering innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning experiences’¬† –ChatGPT

Are you confused about generative AI? would you like to better understand how it might help you in your role? FLIE have created a set of online resources which aim to capture the essential elements of AI Literacy; understanding what AI is, competence in using relevant GenAI tools, awareness of the impacts of AI use, and an awareness of accompanying ethical and legal issues.

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be sharing the resources in easily digestible chunks to help you build your knowledge and skills, and to leverage generative AI effectively. This week, we start at the beginning.

  • AI Introductory video – watch the interactive video to gain an overview of AI and some of the key benefits and challenges it brings
  • What is AI? – an interactive module with links off to further resources explaining what GenAI is and its capabilities

Click on the image to view the AI Introductory video

Further help and guidance

You can find the full set of AI Literacy Training resources on our Brightspace Online Training pages. For further help and advice, talk to your Faculty Learning Technologist.

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