Interactive polls with Padlet

Did you know you can now add polls as posts to a Padlet? meaning you can easily run quick polls with your students, for example:

  • which topic would you like to discuss in the next session?
  • which time slot works best for an additional workshop?
  • would you prefer online or face-to-face?
Create your Padlet, add a post to your board then click on the 3 dots to select the Poll type.

Student perspective

Students only have the option to vote once. Once they have voted, they will be able to see the results of the poll. The results remain anonymous.

Student view before and after voting

Tutor perspective

Example of closed padlet poll with trophy icon

Closed poll with trophy icon

The poll author can view the results of the poll at any time. Polls can be opened and closed as required (with any previous voting being retained). Once the poll has closed, a trophy icon will display next to the option that received the most votes.

Due to the integration of Padlet with Brightspace, you can create a link to your Padlet from the content area of your unit. To encourage students to engage with the poll, you could create an Announcement adding some context to introduce the poll and the date it will close, and include a quicklink direct to the poll within your content area.

Please note: it is not recommended that Padlet polls are embedded directly into an Announcement as currently the tracking is not fully reliable and respondents can respond multiple times.

Further help and guidance

For further help on using Padlet take a look at the Brightspace Staff Resources area or contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

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