Attendance capture – supporting resources

The Start of Semester Resources sharepoint site provides access to resources to support staff in managing student engagement and attendance, particularly in relation to attendance capture processes and accessing attendance data. We just wanted to remind you that these resources are there to help you and are your first port of call for answering many of the common enquiries. They’ve recently been updated to address issues raised by staff since the start of the semester regarding attendance capture on the Jisc system and accessing the attendance data, so be sure to checkout the guidance if you’ve experienced any issues, such as timetabled sessions not being listed or issues with creating codes.

Screenshot of Start of Semester Resources sharepoint site

Start of Semester Resources sharepoint site

Additional guidance

Additional guidance is available for staff in the Brightspace Staff Resources area under the Help tab of any page on Brightspace, including:

If you require any further help or support about any issues you experience which are not covered in these resources, please contact or your Faculty Learning Technologist.


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