AI text detection: the challenges for academic integrity – webinar 15th Nov 2-3pm

Join this webinar organised by the FMC Learning and Development Team for ‘AI-text detection: the challenges for academic integrity’ where Dr Robin Crockett, Academic Integrity Lead at the University of Northampton, explores the hurdles faced in maintaining academic integrity.

Robin Crockett presentation flyer for AI text detection

AI writing tools (and other generative AIs) are here to stay and are improving all the time. Like any software tools, they can be used or misused. That’s the new reality and we as educators need to do two things:

  • Teach our students to use AI tools ethically, with insight and integrity.
  • Apply sanctions when AI tools are misused.

That’s preparing them for life where use of AI will be increasingly the norm – but we need to be able to deliver.

Join this presentation to consider the misuse/misconduct aspects and what the intrinsic unreliability of AI-text detectors means for us.

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