The Superpower of play – Lego World Play Day 12th Oct

LEGO® World Play Day 2023 will take place on Thursday October 12th. The annual event celebrates LEGO! This year’s theme is the Superpower of Play.

Here at BU we love LEGO so come and celebrate the superpower of play at the Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence in DG68:

10.00 – What is Lego Serious Play?  Pile of colourful lego bricks

11.00 – How to use Lego Serious Play in your Unit

12.00 – How to integrate Lego Serious Play with Menti, Kahoot and Miro

13.00 – Education innovation using the superpower of play

14.00 – The differences between face to face, hybrid and online Lego Serious Play delivery.

Come and join us in sharing the love of LEGO and the Superpower of Play.

If you have time during the day build us a model and Tweet(X) your build tagging @FLIE_BU #SuperpowerOfPlay

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