Generative AI workshops Wed 11th October

The integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity for academic staff to embrace emerging technologies in the educational landscape. FLIE are running a series of training sessions aimed at equipping educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively integrate generative AI into university education. Sign up via Eventbrite or join online on the day via our Workshops and Drop-ins page.

Join us on Wednesday 11th October:

  • Hacking GenAI  12.00-13.00
    Gain an understanding of generative AI and its potential impact on education
  • Understanding Different Gen AI Models 13.00-14.00
    Gain familiarity with various generative AI models applicable in an educational context

The sessions will encompass practical activities aimed at introducing relevant AI platforms and familiarising staff with various generative AI models in education. Sessions are designed to explore creative approaches to harness generative AI for enhancing student engagement in assessment design while addressing the potential for misconduct. We will also reflect on our academic integrity and our assessment policies, all of which are designed to prevent inappropriate use of generative AI. You will receive guidance on integrating generative AI tools into your teaching practices, consider the ethical dimensions as well as examining strategies for assessing the impact and effectiveness of generative AI in higher education and consider potential research projects or interdisciplinary collaborations involving generative AI. BU Generative AI Hub

And don’t forget to check out FLIE’s Generative AI Resource Hub for further information and guidance.


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