Attendance capture support and guidance

Attendance capture is a key priority this academic year so we wanted to remind you of the resources available to support you if you haven’t used the Jisc Learning Analytics platform to capture attendance before, or just need a quick refresher on how to capture attendance in your teaching sessions.

How does it work?

Attendance is captured by generating a 4 digit code via the Jisc platform which is then shared with students at the start of the session. Students log into Study Goal (their view of the Jisc platform) and enter this code to register their attendance. Key points to note:

  • attendance can only be captured for timetabled sessions associated with curricular units
  • staff must be allocated as Unit Lead or Teaching Team on the Brightspace unit to be able to capture attendance
  • the 4 digit checkin code expires after 1 hour so cannot be generated in advance

Online guidance

  • Capturing attendance for a taught session
    Step by step guidance on the attendance capture process, including a short video demonstrating the steps, a downloadable Quick Reference guide, and information on who staff and students should contact if they encounter any issues.


  • Managing the start of teaching sessions Managing the start of teaching sessions link
    Outlines the improvements that have been made in teaching spaces to simplify the workflows to login and set up for the start of teaching including some one-off steps you can take in preparation to help ensure a smooth process, such as bookmarking the Jisc platform in your browser.


  • Start of Semester Resources
    This SharePoint site brings together lots of information and resources to support you at the start of the new semester, including an area on Attendance and Engagement which incorporates a Q&A on attendance capture, slides that can be downloaded and used within teaching sessions to show students how to access the Study Goal (Jisc) platform, and slides for communicating with students about attendance and engagement.


For general guidance on using the Jisc platform, or further help and support, contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

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