Academic Integrity Webinar Series 2022/2023 – Catalogue

We hope you enjoyed the recent series of online seminars on academic integrity organised by the FMC Learning Development Team and facilitated by FLIE. Experts from around the world joined us to discuss the variety of academic misconduct that is evident globally and offered opportunities for support and guidance on how to mitigate academic offences. If you missed any of the webinars, you can catch up on the slides and recordings via the FLIEFlix area on Brightspace – full details with links below:

FLIEFlix – Full Catalgoue

Webinar Catalogue

    1. Plagiarism in the Disrupted HE Landscape
      Dr Sarah Elaine Eaton
    2. Contract Cheating: Solutions for Prevention and Identification
      Dr Thomas Lancaster
    3. Murky Waters of File Sharing
      Dr Brenda M Stoesz
    4. Psychological Perspectives on Academic Misconduct
      Dr Guy Curtis
    5. Threats to Academic Integrity & How to Address Them
      Dr Irene Glendinning
    6. Artificial Intelligence & Academic Integrity
      Dr S E Eaton, Dr R W Brennan, Dr J Wiens, Dr B McDermott
    7. Over-Represented Students in Academic Misconduct
      Dr Mary Davis
    8. Slow & Steady: Establishing an Institutional Culture of Academic Integrity
      Lynn Cliplef, Mitchell Hengen, Caitlin Mumm, Josh Seeland
    9. Foundational Literacies & Academic Integrity Skills: Ideas for Supporting Students in an Artificial Intelligence Era
      Beatriz Moya, Leeanne Morrow
    10.  Towards a Continuum of Academic Misconduct
       Professor Bruce Macfarlane
    11.  The Student View of Contract Cheating
      Deborah Horrocks
    12.   A Ghostwriter in the Machine: Academic Integrity Implications of Machine Translation and Generative AI
        Klaus Mundt, Mike Groves

What’s next?

Look out for further communications from the FMC Learning Development team about future upcoming webinars as the series continues.

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