Immersive technology and tourism

Learning Technologists from the FLIE team recently ran a session with students in BUBS looking at how immersive technologies are being used with tourism. Immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are already being used in the industry to create interactive, engaging experiences which elicit emotional responses. We looked at some of the opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies, and then students had a chance to experience examples of apps dedicated to travel and tourism and to explore 360 and VR mediums.

Students wearing VR headsets

Take a look at these short films to see some of the equipment we have available in our Pedagogical Innovation Lab:

  • Virtual Reality headsets to allow students to immerse themselves in learning experiences with active participation and engagement
  • 360-degree cameras to record still or moving images from every angle to allow learners to view a scene from different directions
  • Eye-tracking glasses to monitor gaze and attention to evaluate the impact of visual objects and track consumer behaviour

If you’re interested in running a similar session with your students, please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist



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