Towards a Continuum of Academic Misconduct

A potentially controversial topic in the discourse of our Academic Integrity webinar series, ‘Toward a Continuum of Academic Misconduct’ is led by Professor Bruce Macfarlane, introducing the ways in which the attitude toward academic integrity has blurred lines in the debate on what constitutes misconduct. Join the webinar on Wednesday 2nd May 12-1pm, and view the abstract below:

“Research on and understanding about academic integrity is focused squarely on clear-cut and dramatic instances of student cheating such as plagiarism, exam proctoring and the activities of degree mills. However, ‘academic integrity’ may also be interpreted as a more ambiguous moral construct concerned with the behaviour of the academic profession as well as the student population. This seminar will explore examples of academic hypocrisy in respect to cheating and micro-cheating practices in both teaching and research. Participants will be asked to evaluate a possible moral continuum of academic misconduct and reflect on their own experiences in engaging with this construct.”

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Bruce Macfralne

Professor Bruce Macfralne

Bruce Macfarlane is Chair Professor of educational leadership at the Education University of Hong Kong, where he is also Dean of the Faculty of Education and Human Development. He is a guest professor at the University of Borås in Sweden and his work centres on developing conceptual frameworks for interpreting academic practice, ethics and leadership in higher education. Bruce’s publications include Freedom to Learn (2017), Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education (2012), Researching with Integrity (2009), The Academic Citizen (2007) and Teaching with Integrity (2004).



Macfarlane, B. (2017) The paradox of collaboration: a moral continuum, Higher Education Research & Development, 36(3), 472-485.

Macfarlane, B. (2017) The Ethics of Multiple Authorship: power, performativity and the gift economy, Studies in Higher Education, 42:7, 1194-1210.

Macfarlane, B. (2022) The distrust of students as learners: myths and realities, in P. Gibbs and P. Maassen (Eds.) Trusting in Higher Education. Dordrecht: Springer.


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