Psychological tests week for BABAM Level 4 OBRM students

We had a brilliant series of psychological testing activities around personality traits and team roles during seminars last week with L4 students on the Organisational Behaviour and Responsible Management unit. Students were asked to assess their personality traits using Big Five Personality Model and Belbin Team roles. These tests allowed them to reflect on their personality and find out what role fits them the best while working within teams.

We fused this learning through practice by introducing Playdough time.

Students were divided into groups and asked to design a model of a park using play-doh. During this activity we discussed students’ personality traits and linked with their self-perceived identified team roles, which worked really well. We talked about creativity, growth mindset, collaboration, reliability, trust, and much more.

We interrupted students in the middle when they were enjoying the most and asked them to stop working on the park model and design a monument of a living parrot instead. The sudden change in plan reflected on individual’s characteristics related to adaptability, flexibility, and acceptance to change.

The series of activities encouraged students to assess their personality traits and team roles as well as think creatively and collaboratively.

Please feel free to watch our videos on my TikTok account. I am not allowed to add MP4 sadly.

Students gave a very positive feedback of learning through practice.

Thank you so much for reading and watching.
Mehwish Mufti, Roberta Discetti and Preethi Rajaprakasam.

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