Brightspace Intelligent Agents – lunchtime drop-in session

Have you used the Intelligent Agent tool in Brightspace?

Intelligent Agents in Brightspace can assist you by sending an automated email monitoring/tracking when certain criteria are met in your unit, such as:

a) when a student hasn’t logged into your unit for x amount of time
b) when a student hasn’t submitted an assignment or completed a quiz or survey
c) when a student hasn’t viewed an important content item
d) when a student hasn’t engaged with a discussion board
e) when a student hasn’t achieved a certain grade on an assessment

Want to find out more?

Come along to our lunchtime drop in session on Wednesday 22nd March in FG04 (13:00-14:00) to find out more about how Intelligent Agents work such as how to set them up and creating a personalised automated email.

If you’re interested in Intelligent Agents but won’t be able to make the drop in session, check out our Intelligent Agent guidance available on the Brightspace Staff Resources area or contact your Faculty Learning Technologist

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