Template slides for your Mentimeter presentations

We’ve recently added a series of template slides to Mentimeter to help you easily incorporate Mentimeter polls and questions into your teaching, and add an interactive element to your sessions. You can choose to add the template, then amend or edit the slides so they suit your own purposes.

What templates are available? Mentimeter icebreaker example with cats

Ice breaker slide examples – choose from a collection of 11 fun slides to help break the ice at the start of a session and raise the energy levels in the room

Get to know your lecturer – update these slides with information personal to you, to introduce yourself to your students

Post lecture survey – a selection of slides to help you gauge understanding in the room after a teaching activity

Exam readiness – get some instant feedback on how students are feeling with regards to their approaching exams

Where can I find the templates?

Mentimeter menu

Mentimeter menu

Log into your BU Mentimeter account and click on ‘Shared templates’ in the left hand menu. These templates all start with TEMPLATE in the title to distinguish them from other templates that colleagues may have shared with you.

Click on ‘Add template’. This will add the template to your ‘My Presentations’ area. You can then edit the slides as appropriate or copy individual slides across into other presentations.

Template slides

Further help and guidance

You can find further help and guidance on using Mentimeter in the Brightspace Staff Resources area:

Using Mentimeter

Active Learning with Mentimeter self-guided module

Mentimeter Help Center

or speak to your Faculty Learning Technologist.


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