Applying for Fellowship via TeachBU

When you apply through TeachBU for fellowship in the Associate Fellow, Fellow and Senior Fellow categories, your application is evaluated against Advance HE’s Professional Standards Framework.

Advance HE have launched a new 2023 version of their Professional Standards Framework, and whilst we will adopt this at some point, right now, and for the foreseeable future, we are still working with the previous version, and ALL applications received by TeachBU need to continue to reflect this.

Please don’t use the new Professional Standards Framework until we move over to the new system which will be announced via Faculty/FLIE blogs when the time is right.

Dr Martyn Polkinghorne – Associate Professor (BUBS/FLIE)

Chair of the Assessment Panel for HEA Applications

2 Responses to “Applying for Fellowship via TeachBU”

  1. Emily Robins's avatar Emily Robins

    Hi there

    Im interested in becoming a HE teaching fellow. I am currently a guest lecturer at BU and wondered how I go about applying for any funding and the HE fellowship scheme.

    Many thanks



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