Threats to Academic Integrity & How to Address Them

Closing part 1 of the Academic Integrity webinar series is Dr Irene Glendinning with an overview of the current and future threats to academic integrity and asking how we adapt policies and procedures? Join the webinar on Wednesday 14th December 12-1pm, and view the abstract below.

“No educational institution anywhere in the world has yet convinced everyone in their academic and research community to behave with integrity. We must always hope and aspire for the best, but need to allow for, and be ready to respond to, any breaches to integrity by staff or students.

Most institutional policies cover breaches such as plagiarism, whether accidental or deliberate, inappropriate collusion, and more serious breaches, including contract cheating, data fabrication and falsification and even bribery, bullying and harassment.

However, there are some other threats that we need to be mindful of, especially student use of freely (or cheaply) available software tools that include artificial intelligence capabilities, but also fraudulent admissions, research misconduct and the rise in predatory publishing.

This presentation will include discussion of as many of these topics as there is space for. Audience participation will be warmly encouraged. The aim will be to raise awareness about current, new and emerging threats to integrity and encourage participants to consider ways to adapt institutional strategies, polices, procedures and guidance accordingly.”

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BU staff can join directly via the link on theĀ Workshops and Drop-ins page

Dr Irene Glendinning

Dr Irene GlendinningĀ is Academic Integrity Lead for Coventry University Group, based in the Office of Teaching and Learning. During the last 12 years she has led and participated in several successful research projects, mainly focused on policies for academic integrity, funded by the European Commission, Council of Europe and Council for Higher Education Accreditation. She is currently leading a working group for the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) on ethical publishing and dissemination (EPAD). Her research interests remain in academic and research integrity, quality assurance, pedagogy, student experience and addressing corruption in higher education. She serves on several editorial boards and advisory groups focused on academic and research integrity and continues to conduct research, currently with funding from Canada and Europe.

Irene Glendinning, BSc., PhD., CEng., CITP, FBCS; ORCID number 0000 0001 9967 351X

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