Academic Integrity online seminars

Tales of the Unexpected: Traps and Pitfalls in Academic Integrity

A series of online seminars led by experts from around the world. Hosted by Bournemouth University.

UK Higher Education has a reputation for quality, relevance, and integrity.

This is evidenced through institutional documentation, student feedback, staff commitment and regulatory reporting. Factors that support student learning are baseline entry skills, capabilities, and engagement. Communities and tools to support include in-person staff-student/peer-to-peer connection, access to, and capability to use IT.

Factors that mitigate success are levels of course engagement, independent learning, and personal impacts. Such mitigations can affect critical thinking, enthusiasm, and achievement in academic endeavours. Against the backdrop of lower entry tariffs, a two year+ pandemic and other external influences, there is evidence amongst the student body of information overload, a mental health crisis, an absence of key developmental milestones and executive functioning among other pressures.

One aspect where these factors are noted has been in academic offences.

An increase in academic misconduct has been evidenced across the global HE sector and more recently in UK HE. The pandemic has exacerbated a decline of academic integrity and an increase in offences that go beyond the concept of plagiarism. At institutional level, mitigations are in place, but more can be done.

The following sessions explain and discuss the variety of misconduct that is globally evident and offer opportunities for support and guidance on how to mitigate academic offences beyond the current institutional activities.

Academic integrity webinar programme


How do I join?

All sessions are running online via Zoom. You can access a copy of the programme here – click on the links in the programme to sign up via Eventbrite for the sessions: Academic Integrity Programme – Part 1

Date   UK time  Speaker  Title 
29 Nov  16.00-17.00  Dr Sarah Elaine Eaton   Plagiarism in the Disrupted HE landscape 
7 Dec  12.00-13.00  Dr Thomas Lancaster  Contract Cheating – Solutions for Prevention and Identification 


7 Dec  16.00-17.00 Dr Brenda M Stoesz  Murky Waters of File Sharing 
13 Dec  12.00-13.00  Dr Guy Curtis  Psychological Perspectives on Academic Misconduct 
14 Dec  12.00-13.00  Dr Irene Glendinning 


Threats to academic integrity and how to address them  

Alternatively, BU staff can simply join on the day and time by clicking on the links in the Workshops and Drop-ins page of the Brightspace Staff Resources area.

Future webinars

Look out for further webinars in this series taking place in the new year.

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4 Responses to “Academic Integrity online seminars”

  1. Bernie Marshall's avatar Bernie Marshall

    Dear BU.
    I wonder whether recordings of the webinars are made avaiable to registrants. I am in Melbourne, Australia and the time difference is currently 11 hours. The 12.00PM sessions are doable – 11.00PM for me – but the 4.00PM webinars by Sarah Eaton and Brenda Stoesz will end up being 3.00AM here. Despite my best intentions, I know that I will not be able to get my self up in the middle of the night for them. So would be great if people registering are then offered a link to the recording.
    Best wishes
    Professor Bernie Marshall

    • twebb's avatar twebb

      Hi Bernie, the plan is to share the recordings with everyone who is registered after the session 🙂


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