Presenting with PowerPoint notes in teaching spaces

Do you use PowerPoint to present in lecture theatres or seminar rooms? Did you know that you can ‘Extend screen’ (on a PC) or ‘Extend display’ (on a Mac) to access the Presenter View? 

The Presenter View is an extended display with a range of additional tools and features. Using the ‘Extend screen’ option turns the main screen in the room into a second display, allowing you to show different content on the main screen than on the podium monitor. This is particularly useful in PowerPoint as you can view your slide notes on the podium whilst your presentation is displayed on the main projector screen. (The default setting is ‘Duplicate’ which will display the same information on both screens). 

How do I ‘Extend Screen’ on a PC?

  • Log in to the computer in the teaching room with your BU login details 
  • Click the Windows key and the ‘P’ key at the same time: 
Windows key plus p
  • Select ‘Extend’ from the menu  
  • Open your PowerPoint app on your computer (NB: Extend screen does not work when presenting from PowerPoint in the browser via  
  • Click ‘Slide Show’ and check that the ‘Use Presenter View’ box is checked  
  • Then select From Beginning.

 How do I ‘Extend Display’ on a Mac? 

  • On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Displays , then click Display Settings. 
  • Click the name of your display, then choose ‘Extend Display’ from the pop-up menu. 



If Presenter view appears on the second screen rather than on the podium monitor:

At the top of the presenter view is a task bar – select Display Settings, and then ‘Swap Presenter View and Slide Show’. 

That will switch the views so that Presenter View is on the screen you are using.


Further help and guidance

If you would like any further help contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

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