Learning Analytics – helping you to support your students 

As we near the start of induction week we wanted to provide you with some guidance to share with your students on how they can prepare for the use of Study Goal, so they understand what is expected of them and how they access the system. 

 All Level 0 and Level 4 students have been made aware of the Learning Analytics pilot in theirarrival’scommunications.  It’s important you alsoshare information about Learning Analytics at BU with your students duringWelcome Week/induction. 

Student support materials 

To ensure students are prepared, guidance for attendance capture using the Checkin feature in Study Goal is now available from theBrightspace Help page. This includes a two-minute video which covers ‘How to check in using Study Goal’ along with details of the equipment they will need – smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Students can also findmoreinformation about theLearning Analytics piloton the BU website.   

Feedback and queries 

Thank you for your support with this and please do share any initial feedback or queries you or your students may have by emailing laproject@bournemouth.ac.uk so these can be addressed as part of the communications. 

Staff information – links you may find useful: 

Further support: 

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