Integrating Climate and Ecological Crisis into teaching – new Brightspace unit

BU’s goal is that all students are exposed to learning on the Climate and/or Ecological Crisis at each level of their programme. So this means at least one unit in each level should cover Climate and/or Ecological Crisis.

Climate and Ecological crisis unit

We have prepared a space on Brightspace (presented as a unit) which includes resources which we hope might be helpful to you if you are going to include Climate and Ecological Crisis in your teaching.

This unit is Climate and Ecological Crisis and all academics will have access to this unit as from Friday 16th September.

We hope that this will be useful to you and would be delighted if you could share any examples of good practice within the unit as the year progresses.

With kindest regards,

Dr Fiona Cownie, Dr Janet Dickinson, Dr Elena Cantarello, Dr Tomohiro Gonjo, Dr Anita Diaz Isla
Faculty leads Sustainability Academic Network


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