JISC Learning Analytics training

Following on from earlier messages and information about the BU Learning Analytics pilot we are pleased to confirm the implementation of the extended pilot.  All Level 0 and Level 4 programmes are in scope in Semester 1 2022-23 academic year, with the opportunity to use the following features: 

  • Attendance capture – Checkin  
  • Unit reporting 
  • Student engagement reporting  

Learning Analytics is intended to give students and staff a better understanding of individual student experience and progress. This, in conjunction with the development of our new Personal Tutor policy, will help in our approach to student engagement ensuring the BU learning experience is personalised, inter-disciplinary and consistently excellent.  

You can find out more about Learning Analytics at BU on the Learning Analytics pages of the intranet. 

Staff training and support 

Zoom training sessions 
Staff training will be delivered in two parts and will take place online via Zoom. Each session will be delivered four times. Details of each of the sessions are below.  These will also be sent to you as an Outlook invite: 

JISC Learning Analytics training Part 1: Recording attendance and unit reports

JISC Learning Analytics training Part 2: Student engagement reports 

Face-to-face drop-in sessions
Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence (FLIE) Learning Technologists will also be running face-to-face drop-in sessions for their faculties which cover all areas of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) including JISC Learning Analytics.

Further details of theLearning Analytics workshops and drop-in sessions along with JISC Learning Analytics pilot guidance documentation can be found on the FLIE Brightspace Staff Resources page. 

Support for students 

All Level 0 and Level 4 students have been made aware of the Learning Analytics pilot in their arrivals communications.  Please also share information about Learning Analytics at BU with your students during Welcome Week/induction.  To help with this we will shortly be sending you a Learning Analytics video and supporting documentation to share with your students. 

Students can also find more information on the Learning Analytics page on the BU website. 


If you have any queries about the Learning Analytics training sessions, please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist. 

If you have any general queries about the Learning Analytics project, please contact Project Manager, Rowan Allinson. 

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